How to Turn Your iPod Into a Theatre With All Your Favorite Movies

Initially, the iPod was designed to carry only music. When it was launched, it was a huge success. As with all successful products, it evolved and became bigger than expected. From audio, iPod features grew to include photos. Now, the latest iPod product in the market has the capacity to view videos and movies! It has become the all-around multimedia gadget of our time.

After so much hoopla and fanfare, the much anticipated iPod video was released to the world. What a great product it is! Finally, we can share movies, in a way that has become so much easier and convenient. With this latest product of Apple, you can actually play video movies anywhere you can bring your iPod.

Imagine, with this tiny, lightweight product you can bring your best loved and funniest home videos to just about any gathering, and turn it into a home theater system by simply plugging it to your television or computer.

Since it is compatible with the PC, you can also move files from your computer to your iPod, also through its plug and play feature. Can photo, audio and video sharing be any easier?

Of course, it is not simply a process of downloading. The iPod has its own M4V and MP4 file video format, which has to convert your movies to a format it can recognize.

Fortunately, converting and transferring your video files from your computer to your iPod is quite simple. There are a few steps you need to follow:

  1. Make sure the video you want to convert is in MPEG4 OR MP4 file format. If you have to convert, look for free video converter software on the Internet. Download and install this software. With video converter software in your computer, you can convert the entire movie or parts of the movie. In the video converter software, you will see a progress bar that will help you choose the parts of the movie you want to convert. However, if you want to convert the entire movie, there is no need to use the progress bar.
  2. After you have converted your movie to MPEG4 or MP4 format, proceed to iTunes. This is part of your iPod software installation CD. It comes with your unit. In the iTunes library, you will find your converted movie.
  3. Plug your iPod video to your PC, then drag and drop your video file to transfer it from your computer to your iPod./li>

Have a theater in your pocket with your iPod, and be the life of the party by sharing and reliving all those fun moments together.

Now that you know the accessories you can have for your iPod, don’t forget to add the microgoggles that give you full screen viewing.