Tribute Video Software Helps Bereaved Hold On To Life’s Special Moments

Creating videos has become a part of our lives. Marking special occasions, as well as everyday life events, these home videos capture life’s special moments.

A tribute video, a memorial to one who has passed on, is a fitting way to utilize these special moments caught on tape. When intertwined with other professionally created tribute video clips, photos of the loved one who has passed, sentimental sayings, captions and appropriate music – a DVD tribute video becomes a special memorial keepsake.

Your funeral director can assemble a DVD tribute video for you to share with others, memorializing the one you loved. With funeral software designed especially to create tribute DVD’s, the funeral professional can put together a moving homage to a life. Unlike like any other movie, a DVD video tribute captures the heart and soul of a loved one.

Tribute video software allows a funeral professional to scan in photos, upload videos and music, and enter text. Families can choose a theme that represents a professional or occupation, a hobby, a pastime or a passion. The theme ties together all of the media has been lovingly chosen.

The top-of-the-line funeral software even features movie-like, professionally produced introductions and endings, in a variety of themes, that add impressive, polished starts and finishes to memorial DVDs. Such funeral software allows the funeral director to add a photo that blends into the atmosphere of the movie clip, creating a truly personal tribute.

Imagine, for example that you want to illustrate a man’s love of classic cars. Choosing a tribute video movie clip that depicts a drive along a beautiful stretch of highway, and insert a photo of him at his smiling best captures his spirit. Or perhaps we’re celebrating the life of a young child. By choosing a clip of teddy bears and showers of flowers, with a photos of her in her prettiest dress at a birthday party and images of other special occasions will imprint the essence of that young life.

A DVD tribute video helps families preserve and remember special occasions like weddings, baptisms, birthdays, and anniversaries. A combination of video clips and still photographs will truly personalize a tribute video capturing even the ordinary moments that make up our lives: toddlers frolicking in an inflatable pool, a dad bathing a reluctant dog, a child taking his first solo bike ride.

With all the movies and pictures we take, we create a record of an entire life. When that life ends we can look back at it through these DVD tribute videos and remember, smile, laugh and shed some tears.

Given our culture’s love of cinema, professional or homegrown, a final and lasting tribute in the form of a very personal movie is truly a memorial that will have an impact on all who view it.